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I work in a child-centered way, following the PACE approach in creative therapy. PACE stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy.

Annetta, Zarya Counselling



My approach to creative therapy includes storytelling, painting, drawing, sandplay, puppetry, bodywork, movement, etc. This gives children choice to express their thoughts and feelings in ways other than just verbally. Play in therapy allows for me to witness a story as it unfolds and gives a safe space to honour that process, where children can be understood. I believe that every child is unique and value them as individuals with their own mind, views and ways of seeing the world.

I am committed as an individual and under Zarya Counselling to stand up for social justice issues. I stand in unity with Black Lives Matter and embed an anti-racist approach. I am a member of BAATN (Black, African & Asian Therapy Network).


From my work I see how diverse children, parents, and families can be. I support a variety of family structures that differ from the nuclear family. Enquiries are welcome from people of any gender and sexuality.

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Child Doing Art Activity

Whether you are a parent seeking help for your child, or a young adult, here are some areas that I can help explore:



Difficulties with friendships/relationships

Illness or grief

Feelings of panic, anxiety, anger or depression

Feeling unsafe at home

Not getting on with your parents or siblings

Parents separating or divorcing

Uncertainty about who you are

Questioning your sexuality


If your particular problem is not listed here or seems embarrassing, weird or silly to you, it’s still OK to get in touch with me. Counselling can help you by providing a space to explore and make sense of things that are making life difficult, at the same time and day every week just for you.

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“It’s a very nice place to go to when I’m worried, where I can to do art and share feelings. Therapy has helped me in my friendships and at home not to worry like before” (LKC - age 11)

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